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Snow Bros.
  opened by paleface at 03:24:23 10/03/05  
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  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Platformer; reg=JPN]
Cute-ish co-op single-screen platformer by Toaplan that just misfires in...lots of odd little ways. Let's see if I can remember some of them...
Monsters move along the platforms at erratic speeds; one will be going pretty slow, and then suddenly speed up and run right through where you were jumping up to, for instance. Later monsters drop shots down on you, right through platforms and everything. That isn't too cool. Some even fly right through all the platforms to collide with you, which is even less cool, somehow.
Platforms have been painted with strange triangular patterns of ugly, contrasting colors. If I recall correctly, the music was a weird ragtimey type of thing, which got annoying rather quickly.
The game has a lot of stages, and you start wishing it would just end. Big boss fights every ten stages. As for gameplay, it's pretty much like the GB port (see entry 647), only if you play co-op, you're constantly getting rolled by your buddy's balls. Brrr.
Besides the going-through-platforms thing, the other main annoyance I found was that certain stages have monsters on upper platforms, but no way to get up to them, so you just have to wait and hope that one of the monsters decides to come down to the bottom of the screen so you can freeze them. What kind of platformer doesn't let you jump on the platformers? This one, that's what.
· Snow Brothers (GB)

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