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Stamina Battery Pack
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  "Old battery on the left, new gold "Stamina" battery on the right."
The "Stamina" rechargable battery for the PSP has 20% more mAh than the standard PSP battery: 2200 vs 1800, to be exact. I don't know what an mAh is, and I don't particularly care; the important thing to know is that the gold-lettered "Stamina" battery is supposed to give you 20% more battery life than the old black battery.
So, does it? Well, I'm not about to sit hovering over my PSP with a stopwatch while it slowly drains itself, but I can tell you that when viewing the battery status screen in the PSP's little OS, with a fully charged regular battery it said I could expect 7 hours of life (on that screen--actual gameplay drains batteries much more quickly), while with a fully charged Stamina battery, it said I had 8.5 hours remaining. A little rough math and... Yup, that's about 20% longer battery life.
So what you have to ask yourself is, is 20% more battery life worth the 50 to 60 clams it will cost you to import this thing? For most people, probably not. At least I have a second battery now for backup on long trips or something--not that I take such things hardly ever.
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