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Gear Fighter Dendoh
  opened by paleface at 01:53:02 08/20/03  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Beat_em_up; loc=JPN]
In Gear Fighter Dendoh's twisted little anime-based world, grade-school boys are allowed to pilot giant robots around the city, bashing hordes of goony-looking evil robots based on instructions from grown-up girls in masks and leotards, while being nagged by mouthy girls their own age. In the main game mode you smash your way through the aforesaid evil hordes 2d-beat-'em-up style, then fight the stage boss in a 3d arena battle. Both play types use only two buttons, Jump and Attack, with a couple special moves available by various stick motions coupled with the Attack button.
The beat-'em-up mode satisfies those old arcade hungers: double-jumping up to a flying robot, plucking him out of midair and smashing him down into two of his buddies provides some good clean fun. Each stage's horde comes equipped with a sub-boss or two who likes to summon lackeys in while fighting. You'll find a couple different weapons you can pick up and use a few times each, like trolley cars (which make nice clubs) and giant laser guns. SHA-ZOW!
I'm not as keen on the 3d battles yet but I haven't quite got the controls down--you're given more moves in the 3d mode but they aren't really spelled out in the manual as far as I can see. When you beat a boss you gain access to their power which I think gives you more moves in the next boss fight. Also, you can play a Vs mode against the CPU or computer using the skills and stages you've passed in the story mode.
From the menus to 2d backdrops to 3d models, everything looks quite nice. Copious conversations with the sassy females and bosses break up the action segments but you can skip these if you get tired of listening to the Japanese voice actors. A fun and straightforward game, really; we need more 2d, 2-button beat-'em-ups these days.

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