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Simple 2000 Series Vol.31: The Earth Defense Force
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50 Simple Series 2000 volumes before the fabulous "Earth Defense Force 2" (see entry 942), there lived a game by the name of just plain "Earth Defense Force." And it was good.
Nearly identical, in fact, to EDF2, which recycled pretty much all of the models, UI, weapons, vehicles, and gameplay from the its prequel. The button mappings also change between the games (2's seem a little more intuitive), and 1 has this annoying way of not automatically advancing your menu selection to the next mission when you go on to the mission selection screen again after completing a mission. Most importantly, EDF (1) doesn't have the laser-shootin' jet-pack manga chick found in EDF2. Alas! You can still play co-op or vs, but it's just space-mano-a-space-mano.
And if we want to get real picky, the graphics aren't quite as smooth in the first game: they don't put depth of field and fog or filtering effects to use as impressively as they do in the later game, and the slowdown sort of jumps out at you more, too.
But that's really just blah-de-blah. It's still a damn fine ass-kicker of a game, where you blow up massive hordes of giant space alien invaders in huge stage after huge stage; and if, say, your tank shell misses and inflicts some collateral damage on a few skyscrapers, well, who's gonna hold it against you? Not this game, and not me.
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