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Rolling Thunder 2
  opened by paleface at 03:08:48 11/29/05  
  paleface [sys=MD; cat=Platformer; loc=NA]
I'd like to see this game in the arcade; I have a feeling that it's a bit better than the Genesis version. Not that the Genesis version is horrid; but the graphics and sound are unremarkable, not really at all the smooth style fest that was Rolling Thunder (1) (see entry 876).
Instead, you start out in glaring Miami, playing either as a lanky spy dude or the dudette; they both seem to play the same, only one has boobs. Gameplay is in general the same two-level slow platform shooting thing as in the original game, with powerup doors, guys coming out of doors, throwing grenades, and so forth. Once you get to level two, you'll even find that they've recycled those damned pumas or whatever they were from the original game. Ugh. And I swear there are some parts where you can't help but take a hit.
So yeah, I don't know. The silky smooth minimalist graphics, and sneaky spy sounds, were a huge part of what made the original Rolling Thunder so damned appealing, and the cut-down stuff on display here, particularly when transplanted into a garish Miami setting, just loses pretty much all the charm that the original had. And then a few sequences just seem really rigged against you...not so fun. I still want to see the arcade version.
· Namco Museum 50th Anniversary (GC)

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