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Guitar Hero
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Pretty much a rip of Beatmania's (see entry 996) gameplay, wherein you press buttons on a special controller corresponding to column of beat indicators scrolling downscreen. Main difference is that in Guitar Hero, the music is guitar rock rather than techno stuff, and you play it with a cute little electric guitar controller thing, slung over one shoulder and sporting a wa-wa lever (or whatever those are called) and all. Instead of just hitting the button as the beat goes by, you can hold it in advance if you wish, and then "strum" the little strum twanger right on the beat.
As you play, tougher and tougher songs and levels open up. I beat the first Easy mode song on the first try, yay! It's super easy, especially since on Easy you only have to worry about using three of the five buttons. Five, I hear, is when it gets rough, since you can only have four fingers on the "strings" buttons at any one time.
It's well done, and it can be fun "strumming" away on that guitar (tilt upright and strum when your power meter's fully to activate a "Star" mode, where everything pluses cyan, and apparently the game is easier for a while, or something.
The music ranges from rock to metal, and isn't really my bag, but it is well suited to guitar play. Might have had to get this if it was music I liked, and if you could rotate the controller over for lefties, without leaving them hitting the dark wa-wa lever accidentally.
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