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1.1018PS1RhythmJBaby Universe
2.1296X360RhythmUCThe Beatles: Rock Band
3.996PS2RhythmJBeatMania IIDX 10th Style
4.928XBXRhythmUCDance Dance Revolution Ultramix
5.694GCRhythmUCDonkey Konga
6.1017PS2RhythmUCGuitar Hero
7.1223X360RhythmUCGuitar Hero II
8.1314WIIRhythmUCJust Dance
9.668PS2RhythmJMojib Ribbon
11.212PS1RhythmJPunch the Monkey! Game Edition
12.1139GBARhythmJRhythm Tengoku
13.1258PS2RhythmUCRock Band
14.1259X360RhythmUCRock Band 2
15.630DCRhythmJSpace Channel 5 Part 2
16.930PS2RhythmUCTaiko Drum Master
17.966PS2RhythmJTaiko no Tatsujin: Appare 3
18.968PS2RhythmJTaiko no Tatsujin: Atsumare! Matsuri Da!! Yondaime
19.1140PS2RhythmJTaiko no Tatsujin Doka!
20.965PS2RhythmJTaiko no Tatsujin Doki! Shinkyoku Darake no Haru Matsuri
21.969PS2RhythmJTaiko no Tatsujin: Go! Go! Godaime
22.932PSPRhythmJTaiko no Tatsujin Portable
23.1141PSPRhythmJTaiko no Tatsujin Portable 2
24.970PS2RhythmJTaiko no Tatsujin: Tobikkiri! Anime Special
25.989PS2RhythmJTaiko no Tatsujin: Wai Wai Happy Muyome
26.967PS2RhythmJTaiko no Tatsujin: Waku Waku Anime Matsuri
27.964PS2RhythmJTaiko no Tatsujin with Tatacon & Dadadon
28.1035PS2RhythmUCTechnic Beat
29.293PS1RhythmJVib Ribbon
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