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Taiko no Tatsujin Portable 2
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Adopted to the portable from the PS2's "Taiko no Tatsujin Doka" (see entry 1140), this drumming game comes across delightfully on the small screen. It also includes its own rendition of an adventure-style game, which first cropped up on Doka, although this one seems to be its own story, as well as four all-new minigames.
The first minigame is totally awesome. You drum like mad to get ar running start, then launch yourself off a rooftop in a paper airplane. Once airborn, tilt forward and back to control your altitude and speed, and see how far you can get, past of course certain obstacles and powerups. Just a fun ride the whole way.
The second game has you stacking objects, holding the PSP sideways to take advantage of the long screen. I'll have to try this one some more; when I played it, I was kind of in a hurry, and the stacking seemed to go on too long, even though I was trying to lose by intentionally making the stack zig-zag, and by missing the stack entirely when dropping items.
The third game returns to awesomeness, however. You're presented with a number of dishes, some carrying tasty food, some carrying inedibles. They're then covered, swapped around quickly, and presented to you. You must eat the edible ones and discard the inedible ones--hope you were paying attention when they got swapped around! A very fun game, and the taiko gobbling plate after plate of food is so cute!
In the fourth game, you match the specified series of inputs to tie balloon animals for fair-goers as quickly as possible. More joy and fun, yay!
  paleface 05:04:29 03/27/09
TnT Portable 2 includes pretty much the same song-downloading feature as the prequel; you activate a certain menu item that deposits an htm file with a coded link on your memory card, then load that htm file on your PC, click the coded link, which takes you to Bandai Namco's download page for the game, then you download the 20+ songs they're offering for free. These were released over a series of weeks after the game came out, and with all the downloads and unlocking of songs already on the disc, the song total comes out to I think 86 (I'm at 85, but I think there's one I still have to unlock), which is about 25 more than the previous Portable, and more than any of the PS2 versions.
This version added a feature that lets you download the songs directly to your PSP via WiFi, but I haven't tried that. There was some talk on GameFAQs of downloads via PC having been taken away, but I just tried it and it worked, so I'm not sure what that's about. It can be confusing because you have to make sure you're using the coded key link off your PSP, or else the song files you download will be invalid; and if you hit the menu item that generates the keyed htm file again, it will invalidate any songs you downloaded with a previous version of the htm file! Oh, and two of the 26 downloads (the blue ones) aren't songs, but custom title screens.
Now that I've given up on trying to play the PS2's Taiko drum accessory (it's really noisy and not so good if you have nearby neighbors; it's also far too light and shifts around as you're drumming on it, inevitably making you miss unless, I suppose, you rig up some kind of bracing mount for it), I think these Portable versions are my favorites: their higher resolution makes them easier to see in conjunction with the newer PSP's video output, their UI is better, since you can switch between difficulty levels without leaving the song list, they have more songs, and the PSP is actually more comfortable for the Taiko controls than the PlayStation controller.
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