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House of the Dead 4
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Still zombie-blasting light-gun fun, except now with fancier graphics on Sega's new Lindbergh arcade hardware, and with Uzi submachine guns rather than the shotguns of the previous installment.
Well, they did throw in another "gameplay" twist, and it's one I could really have done without: gun-shaking. Zombies will shamble up and "grab" your gun, and in order to get them off so you can shoot again, you have to shake the gun in your hand; you can also do that to reload. All the shaking gets annoying pretty fast.
On the other hand, with the uzis it's a lot easier to play two-gun style, which is always nice. The uzis run through their clips really fast--you have unlimited clips, but the constant shake-shake to reload is also a little much.
Oh, and you can throw a few grenades, too. These don't launch immediately, and the delay confused me enough that I don't think I ever did much in the way of zombie killing with the grenades. There isn't a whole lot of feedback when you activate them, either, so it's kind of a guessing game as to whether or not you successfully activated one.
Although there's a lot of zombie action going on the lovely high-definition widescreen, if a zombie pulls you in close, which happens a lot, you'll notice that the textures on them look kinda low-res at close range. They aren't horrible, but it's definitely something you'll notice as detracting slightly from the otherwise impressive visuals.
Anyway, it's fun, and has the usual bad HotD horrible character dialog, which is nice for us old fans (okay, I'm not really an old fan, bah). I really, really could have done without the shaking, the according to my friend who's a tech at the arcade where I played it, the guns break all the time from people shaking them around, but it's hard to spoil a zombie shooter completely, and there's still a lot to like here if you're one of us folks who enjoys indulging their anti-undead bias in a violent video fashion.
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