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House of the Dead 2
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I *think* this was the North American version, as the diner I played it in isn't exactly known for being up on the import scene; but Japanese subtitles (side-titles?) showed up on the right-hand side of the screen whenever dialog was being spoken.
Sega has always gone for the cheap zombie gore gusto in House of the Dead; they also don't go too easy on you, as you very quickly get up to being attacked by three pretty fast zombies at a time, not to mention the ones who block shots with their twin axes. Armed with a pistol, you have to reload a lot (aim offscreen and pull trigger), which really starts to become a problem given the fast zombie groups it throws at you. Fair enough, I guess, but I'd prefer more shooting, less loading.
Still, not a bad game by any means--I'm just bad at it. I'd like to be good enough that I could shoot some of the side targets it taunts you with at every turn; if you look carefully, often when the camera is changing direction, it pans very quickly past a small, viable target, such as an extra zombie, or some kind of breakable container. Ooh! I wonder what they have in them?
This was in a deep cab with a single large, recessed monitor (actually, a recessed mirror reflecting the monitor laying flat on the floor of the cab); the cab's hood was kind of low, however, so I had to stoop just slightly if I wanted to see the very top of the screen, which was mildly annoying.
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