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Initial D Version 3
  opened by paleface at 22:22:54 06/03/06  
  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Driving; loc=NA]
All I know about Initial D is that it's an anime with poorly drawn male characters obsessed with drift racing. I tried out this game for the novelty of the massive "Cycraft" cabinet, where the helicopterish-looking cockpit is suspended from a mechanical armature that swings and shakes it in a way intended to simulate the forces acting on your car as you race through treacherous mountain courses (or wherever--the races I ran seemed to be on mountain roads).
The two races I was in were one-on-one affairs. I chose the easy route, and had to wait forever to skip through all kinds of ridiculous dialog with ugly characters that I cared absolutely nothing about (actually, I didn't HAVE to wait forever, but I wanted to give it a chance at first--turned out to be a waste of time).
In the first race, I blew past my opponent, then never saw him again as I careened through the rest of the course to the finish line. So, okay, that was a little too easy. Then in the second race, I don't remember exactly what happened, but I think it just suddenly ended at some arbitrary point and asked for more money. I wasn't tempted to waste more time with it. There just didn't seem to be that much of interest going on, especially compared to the OutRun2 SP cab right next to it (see entry 1052).
The Cycraft cabinet did indeed shake me around a good deal, to the point where I winced whenever I knew I was gonna scrape a wall, 'cause I knew a good shaking was in store. It felt a little off, since the cockpit is hinged from above, and thus pivots from a high point, but overlooking that, I suppose it mostly gets the job done; I could do without it, though.

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