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OutRun2 SP
  opened by paleface at 04:53:29 05/28/06  
  last modified by paleface at 04:22:59 05/29/06  
  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Driving; loc=NA]
Runs on the Chihiro (Xbox) hardware, and comes in a big sit-down cab, with a very large, nice wide-screen monitor on which to view the action.
I didn't really play OutRun2 (see entry 858) enough to be sure of the differences, but I think the drafting behind other cars is new, and there are all new tracks to race on, in addition to the ones from OR2, and I think maybe a new game mode or two, and probably some additional Ferraris. There are "Rival" cars that you come across, who can drift corners like you, and you get extra points for passing them.
But the main thing is ripping along breathtaking roads at ridiculous speeds, drifting through corners like your car is on ice skates, and that's all certainly going great guns here.
Oh, it does seem pretty easy; I mean, I got to stage 4 or so on my first try, although I admit I was choosing the "Easy" route at each junction. I don't really mind easy, though, since it makes me feel better about myself, and it's not like I'll get around to playing this enough to get good enough to whup it thoroughly, anyway.
It's kind of a deceptive game, or maybe I deceive myself about it, rather, because there isn't much to it after all--you're just ripping around these roads, mostly on your own (you can link with another cab to race a buddy, I didn't think to try that, though), against the clock, not counting the alternate mode where you try to please your girlfriend by doing little stunts like driving between other cars--but it's still fun to play, and when I'm done, I'm not like "wow," but when I think about it later, I think "hey, I enjoyed my time with that game."
  paleface 04:54:56 05/28/06 [relations updated]
It says "Special" something under the OutRun2..."Track" or something. So I guess SP would stand for "Special."
  paleface 14:28:58 05/28/06 [title updated]
Whoopsies, I'm getting my OutRun2 flavors confused! Drafting doesn't come in until OutRun2006: Coast 2 Coast, which I've been playing on the PSP. So forget that drafting part! It isn't in this version.
  paleface 04:22:59 05/29/06
Okay, I've been thoroughly confuzzled. I was right the first time, I think--at least, according to the original OutRun2 SP mode in OR2006C2C: drafting (called "slipstreaming") IS in OR2SP. Okay! It's there! So that means you can get behind another car, and you get a speed boost while you're there. Zoom!
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