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  paleface [sys=XBX; cat=Driving; reg=NA]
Pretty neat port of the super-arcadey racer, with online support through Microsoft's Xbox Live matching service. Lag can cause cars to pop in front of each other, but I suppose that's what you get on the wilds of the Internet. Exaggerated drifting kicks in as soon as you take the brake button, and comes in handy on those really tight turns. The game feels super-fast, and looks keen. Oh, and has nice fast cars like Ferraris and things. The stages follow the triangular branching pattern of the original game, where you go left (or was it right?) for the easier next stage, or the other way for the harder one.
There are some pretty far-out sci-fi or fantasy bonus stages, I imaging those have to get unlocked somehow before you can access them. You can set the Xbox Live voice feed to come through your speakers so everyone in the room can hear your rival taunt you, but when we tried this, the rival could no longer hear us through the headset mic. Weird.
So you race and go silly fast through these big wide colorful road courses. It's very smooth and pretty. I hear it's pretty easy, relative to the first one, but I'm not too good at it anyway, so. I also don't quite "get" the crazy drifting yet, where you kind of have to steer the car while going along sideways for an entirely unrealistic amount of time, but I suppose that comes with practice.
  paleface 02:49:27 08/08/05
The game also has a port of the original arcade version in it, which seems like a nice bonus to me, even though I have heard t3h hardcore complain that it only runs at 30fps, or something. Pfft.
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