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Kururin Squash!
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  "Boxing gloves are a nice tension reliever."
The GameCube version of Kururin expands upon the GBA originals with numerous power-ups for your spinning stick-thing as it goes through complex mazes. There are boxing glove attachments to take stuff out that happens to get in your way, for instance; and there are water stages where you have to press a button to submerge to dodge floating obstacles, collect points, and so forth. And there are boss fights.
The expansions relieve some of the potentially frustrating intense maze-navigation action of the originals, although I'm sure that still comes along in large doses in later stages. Punching stuff is a lot more fun for me than just squeezing through a tough maze, but the maze is still there, too, so in a way once you get past the novelty, the punching is just distracting. I'm sure Kururin fans will dig it, but I've always been too scared of being driven insane by the difficult mazes to really get into them.
· Kururin Paradise (GBA)

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