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Pocky & Rocky 2
  opened by paleface at 01:23:06 11/06/06  
  last modified by paleface at 01:34:23 11/06/06  
  paleface [sys=SNES; cat=Shooter_4way; loc=NA]
Isometric shooter set, like the prequel, in a fantasy medieval Japan. The original has been ported all over the place, and for some reason really annoys me. This one seems way better, with good speed, attractive art, nice firepower, and lots of variety in enemies and locations. Why don't they port THIS one somewhere?
  paleface 01:27:51 11/06/06
This one doesn't seem to be co-op, which was a big selling-point of the first one (it's "Pocky" AND "Rocky," after all). It's only single-player, and you get other characters as tag-alongs for additional firepower.
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