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Hokuto no Ken
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]
Fighting game by Arc System Works of "Guilty Gear" (see entry 108) fame, based on the Hokuto No Ken ("Fist of the North Star") anime. Not a whole lot of substance, just standard arcade, training, and survival modes (I dunno if the timeline list "History" mode really counts as a mode) and the dozen or so fighters can't be called an expansive roster by any means (and only one female character? dang). But the 2D high-resolution graphics are very nice, and the fighting system is well done, with lots of counters and boosts and things, and double-jumps, air-dashes, and other things that will be quite familiar to Guilty Gear players.
The small feature list can be chalked up to this being an arcade port, I suppose. The base game is very sound, and quite fun, with varied characters, some of whom have surprising moves, like the waddle-charge mode of the gigantic Mr. Heart, a character whose massive girth is reminiscent of Earthquake from Samurai Shodown II (see entry 1051), or the rampaging motorcyle super move of Mamiya.
Oh, I will say though that the sound effects aren't so hot. They're mostly okay, but not up to par with the impressive visuals. The music is the grating ass-rock that Guilty Gear fans will be familiar with, but what really annoys me is this sort of rubber rebound sound that is used for, like, everything. It's loud, really cartoonish-sounding, and just doesn't fit with anything that's going on.
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