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Guilty Gear X2
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Arc System Works proves that they're in the 2D fighting game to stay with this robust update to GGX, jammed full of new modes, new characters, new additions and tweaks to the fighting system, and remixed backgrounds, all put together in an impressively produced package along with the now-trademark screaming metal guitar soundtrack. Throw in zero loading time and graphical effects that have been, amazingly, kicked up several notches over GGX and you've got a twisted fighting game for the ages--the knob has been turned up to 11.
Particularly welcome is the new "Burst" feature that allows you to break out of a combo from your opponent if you've saved up sufficient Burst meter. Story mode's extensive conversations, complete with Japanese voice acting (good move, Sammy USA) let you get to know the kooky cast a bit before you try the more exotic delights such as M.O.M. mode, where you go for a high score by getting large combos, and the Mission mode where you have to beat a certain juiced-up opponent with a certain fighter under certain restrictive conditions. And a couple more modes I'll leave it to you to look up.
Let's hear it for Arc System Works: they ain't Capcom, they ain't SNK, they're their own blood-spurting, guitar-thrashing bad-assed selves, the new bloods of the 2D fighting realm.
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