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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R
  opened by paleface at 15:30:06 09/20/20  
  last modified by paleface at 15:51:05 09/20/20  
  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Fighting; loc=NA]
Apparently this was originally just GGXXAC on PS3, but got updated to "Plus R"--in fact, you can still go into the menus and switch it back to AC--of even Plus, I think--if you wanted to, for some reason.
I could swear the horizontal movement speed feels slower than in Guilty Gear X (see entry 1381), which was bothering me at first, as it was in Xrd -Revelator-; but AC+R has so much craziness in it that it's hard to resist--it has the manic, crazy charm that Xrd lacked.
The graphics *are* weirdly scaled and aliased, unlike the perfect pond smoothness of the VGA high res on Dreamcast with GGX, but the smoothing filter you can apply...actually fixes it without feeling blurry. Impressively done.
The sound balance of the game is all over the place. Old stages still around since GGX now have so many graphical additions that they're incredibly distracting at first as you just try to take in the huge profusion of detail, and even many of the newer stages are very busy. But the whole game is busy, screaming (there are three separate volume settings--music, voice, and SFX--and each has a different numeric default value, like the main designer hand-tweaked it and said no, don't balance them to the same number, leave it here as I have set it), madcap--and yet, fun.
The fighting system is more complex, but not (well, I ignore Dust, which is now on a fifth, separate button, but I still ignored it in GGX when it was S+HS :P) overwhelming, ie you can mash out chain combos and still have plenty of fun that way--although I still am not used to using the huge, pulsing BURST mechanic to get out of the more frequent long chains the AI now puts you in. The old characters all have more attacks, more animations, more graphics and sounds, more options, more life. I'm not a fan of all the new characters, some are just so obscurely bizarre that they're hard to appreciate or even understand just what you're supposed to be looking at or fighting as, at least to start with. But Kliff from the first game, the small stocky guy with his huge cleaver, is back, and that's fun, and there's some kind of pink mecha dragon woman with beam attacks, which is awesome, and a noodly vampire with mega necro punching power that is just a hoot.
And the modes! Almost too many single-player modes (there's online too, I don't know if it was good of if it's still capable of making matches, but it didn't kick me off...). There's regular Arcade mode, there's M.O.M., a sort of medal-juggling score attack thing similar to the medal mode option you could flip on in GGX, there's Survival, an awesome descent against progressively crazier versions of the cast, like in GGX but now you can also choose attributes of your character to boost from time to time, although you can disable that if you prefer, there's a very challenging Vs. mode, which really is probably all you need--the did it right here, medium difficulty is a really tough challenge already--there are 3-on-3 team player and vs CPU modes, KOF-style--man just one of these had me gasping by the end--there's a story mode with really well written story-and-character-to-this-point text pieces at the beginning, followed by horrible character dialogue between arbitrary battles...but if you skip the incredibly bad dialogue, with a single press of the Start button, you do at least have a mode of a particular set of single-round battles for each character...uh where was I, oh there's a Mission mode with various fixed challenges against stat-boosted AIs (they feel a bit unfairly godlike; I guess it would take a lot of time to work through these but that's really not my kind of grind), and oh the usual 2P VS, and an unlockable gallery of course.
I said "WOW" about 50 times while trying just to skim through this madness.
I've got to come back to this, and I still won't know where to start, it's awesome.
  paleface 15:51:05 09/20/20
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