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Guilty Gear X
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Guilty Gear X was the first GG game I played, on Dreamcast--the 480p graphics coming through my DC VGA adapter were dazzlingly smooth, it had a surprisingly varied "Survival" mode--in which you fight a wide variety of specially boosted versions of the regular cast--and I ended up playing it perhaps the most of all my DC fighting games.
I tried a number of the PS2 GG games over the years--and the second GG Xrd, on PS4--but they added more buttons, weirder characters, and more game systems, and somehow--in the PS2 ones--the screen resolution got changed, always trying to rescale to some other size, so they always looked jagged, rather than butter-smooth like X did. I'd even gone back and tried the original, PS1 GG, but that one is pretty rough in its own ways.
It wasn't until recently that I realized (or remembered?) that there was a version of X on PS2. I fought myself for a while over getting it--I had come to have a distaste for GG, and to think it just wasn't my thing--but eventually I had a need for some PS2 game cases, the used game store I was in wouldn't sell them empty, and they had a used copy of GGX in a case, so, it was time.
Would I like it? Was it just going to be disappointingly GG-y?
No. It's good and fun. I'm right back into it, like I was so many years ago for the first time on the Dreamcast. It has no progressive scan options, so, interlaced as it is, it's slightly less smooth than the DC version, but much better in that regard than the later PS2 ones (at least, the ones I've tried: X2 (entry 108), Isuka (entry 722), and XX Reload (entry 1036)).
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