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Guilty Gear X
  opened by paleface at 16:58:59 09/15/20  
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  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]
VGA support, hand-drawn (not rotoscoped) high-res sprites and backgrounds with gorgeous colors, still one of the best-looking 2D fighting games around--the later GGXX games got weirdly scaled, with lots of jaggies--and their combat systems got more complicated.
Important stuff: GameFAQs says beating Testament (lvl 20) and Dizzy (lvl 30) in Survivor mode unlocks them for play.
More character colors: select with
Start - color 5
X+A - color 6
Y+B - color 7
and more:
Dark - beat Survivor, hold Start 2 seconds when selecting
Gold - hold R trigger, press & hold Y, hold both until match starts
Survivor mode is pretty neat--quite hard of course, but you constantly face special, specially colored versions of the regular cast, so it really feels like an adventure mode.
  paleface 19:38:52 09/15/20
Download added: gold_baiken_survial.jpg (156474 bytes)
  "One of the optional face button colors for Baiken, fighting to unlock Testament in Survival mode."
Bah it's "Survival" mode, not "Survivor." : P
  paleface 16:55:03 09/17/20
  paleface 02:01:05 11/24/20
Ack, those codes for extra colors appear to be bogus. According to the GGX DC color FAQ there *are* 10 colors per character, but the second set of 5 are all unlocked by beating Survival (level 100--and it makes it sound like you only have to do this with a single character); once you've done that, apparently they're accessed by pressing one of the five regular buttons (ABXYStart), but holding it for a few seconds instead of just pressing it momentarily.
I haven't beat Survival mode of course so I can't verify...and likely never will be able to. ; ) ;_; Okay okay I just need to GET GOOD! ^_^_
  paleface 13:36:32 01/24/21
The color selection is hard mapped to the physical buttons, not to whatever your remapped attack buttons may be. ; P
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