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Guilty Gear X
  opened by paleface at 16:58:59 09/15/20  
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  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Fighting; reg=JPN]
VGA support, hand-drawn (not rotoscoped) high-res sprites and backgrounds with gorgeous colors, still one of the best-looking 2D fighting games around--the later GGXX games got weirdly scaled, with lots of jaggies--and their combat systems got more complicated.
Important stuff: GameFAQs says beating Testament (lvl 20) and Dizzy (lvl 30) in Survivor mode unlocks them for play.
More character colors: select with
Start - color 5
X+A - color 6
Y+B - color 7
and more:
Dark - beat Survivor, hold Start 2 seconds when selecting
Gold - hold R trigger, press & hold Y, hold both until match starts
Survivor mode is pretty neat--quite hard of course, but you constantly face special, specially colored versions of the regular cast, so it really feels like an adventure mode.
  paleface 19:38:52 09/15/20
Download added: gold_baiken_survial.jpg (156474 bytes)
  "One of the optional face button colors for Baiken, fighting to unlock Testament in Survival mode."
Bah it's "Survival" mode, not "Survivor." : P
  paleface 16:55:03 09/17/20
  paleface 02:01:05 11/24/20
Ack, those codes for extra colors appear to be bogus. According to the GGX DC color FAQ there *are* 10 colors per character, but the second set of 5 are all unlocked by beating Survival (level 100--and it makes it sound like you only have to do this with a single character); once you've done that, apparently they're accessed by pressing one of the five regular buttons (ABXYStart), but holding it for a few seconds instead of just pressing it momentarily.
I haven't beat Survival mode of course so I can't verify...and likely never will be able to. ; ) ;_; Okay okay I just need to GET GOOD! ^_^_
  paleface 13:36:32 01/24/21
The color selection is hard mapped to the physical buttons, not to whatever your remapped attack buttons may be. ; P
  paleface 23:06:10 05/31/22

It's a meaty Arcade mode! The boss fights are a little frustrating, maybe, but not tooooo bad so far (do jabs!). : P The Dizzy fight could prove to be really tough for characters who don't have something like Sol's qcf+P fire...
Sol has a lot of cool moves and I should really learn to use 'um. = oo
  paleface 23:02:59 07/04/22

Not really sure how much more of Arcade mode I can take; Ky was kind my hope for getting through the end gauntlet without too much trouble. Maybe I'll work up the courage to try with Baiken or May at some point, I dunno. Considering that the only way I've been able to beat Dizzy is mass fireball spam, how will I get past her with a non-fireballer?
Sol was pure murder! Super aggressive, blocking way more than the previous enemies, anti-airing way more, and relentlessly comboing me OFF THE GROUND! I think I got a few on-the-ground hits myself, but of course I'm not particularly clear on how and when to do them; Sol sure was! Took me forever to get my head around not being able to uppercut my way out of the corner on wake-up, either; Street Fighter taught me wrong! For GGX, at least. 'p'
Too intimidated, I think--and slow and clumsy, of course--to be able to uppercut Sol worth a darn, and was continually baffled by my inability to chain into Ky's Heavy Slash. Had to rely on fireball way more than was fun.
  paleface 16:08:56 06/17/23
Playing emulated, was able to download a save with Survival mode beat : P and "Guilty Gear Mode" available--you turn it on for 1P/2P/Both in the options menu (and a final option I can't quite read).
This PS2 FAQ talks about the mode:
In this mode,
the battles are noticeably faster paced and much more feirce.First off,here
is a list of the immediate changes in GG Mode:
--Air Dashing can be done extremely close to the ground
--Nearly all basic attacks can be jump-cancelled
--Some characters recieve new abilities
--Some characters recieve enhanced abilities
--Ky Kiske is replaced with Gear Ky
Alright,now that we've got that down,here is a list of new and enhanced
abilities for each character.Now keep in mind,not all the characters
receive new and enhanced abilities.Some of them only receive enhancements
to their overall movement or speed.
  paleface 21:37:35 06/18/23

~ Frames of light punch input lag on my set-up:
Guilty Gear X
Dreamcast: 3
Flycast: 1
  paleface 20:35:03 06/23/23

Music wasn't playing during matches--turns out Flycast (see entry 1615) needs the DC BIOS for playing the game's 34 separate music tracks during fights, for some reason (they played okay in menus, like on the Sound Test screen).
Man I forgot Sol just loves to combo Ky so hard. ;_;
I'd downloaded a save file for the game from GameFAQs that had Survival mode beat, because that unlocks stuff and I wasn't coming anywhere close to beating Survival myself--can't really get past the level 20 or 30 bosses. : P
I'd thought it would unlock all five extra colors per character but it only unlocked their Golden color and one other (I was using that Ky one here). Dang.
It did unlock "Guilty Gear" mode, though, which you have to set in the game's options; apparently it makes fights generally faster, stuff can be canceled or whatnot, and some characters get new moves.
Ky in particular adapts a whole new stance and demeanor, acting like a kinda whacked-out robot; I've seen this version of him called "Gear Ky" I think, and it does seem like a proto version of the "Robo Ky" character in later GG games, like GGXXwhatever on PS3 (see entry 1385).
  paleface 20:35:34 06/23/23

Dumping my Japanese Dreamcast's BIOS with DreamShell 4.0's "BIOS Flasher" module and a DC SD Adapter V2, importing it into Windows, and finding this fixed the problem with music not playing during Guilty Gear X battles in Flycast.
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