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Gunvari Collection + Time Crisis
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Light_Gun; loc=JPN]
Collection of good PS1 light-gun games, only this time with Guncon2 support (I don't think these versions support the original Guncon at all). You've got hours and hours of gun-shooting mania with the Gunbullet trilogy of Gunbullet, Gunbarl and Gunbalina (these games were released as "Point Blank" and sequels in the States), plus the very good Time Crisis--I actually have all of these in the US PS1 versions, only problem there is that I can't actually play them because the Guncon doesn't work on my VGA monitor. Namco's always been good about getting high-definition monitor support in for their PS2 games, however, so I can now joyfully play these old games at long last.
They did absolutely nothing to beef up the graphics for the PS2 but these games looked pretty good on PS1 (and the Gunvari games are largely 2D anyway) so I'm not gonna lose sleep over that. All the Gunvari focus mostly on multiplayer as they're composed of dozens and dozens of shooting minigames. These sometimes get a bit repetitive (and the sequels don't hesitate to steal from the previous game) but the minute variety is almost endless. While you can play for score in single-player mode, solo minigaming has never really been my thing, so I'm gonna have to find someone I can play these with. If you have a ton of people around you can also go for party mode stuff like tournaments or team battles.
Gunbarl is probably my least favorite of the three as you have to go through these rather dull vehicle sections between minigames, at least in some of the variant modes. Gunbullet is pretty straight-up "do X number of minigames, whoever gets the most points wins," and Gunbalina doesn't screw that up but also provides quite a few alternate modes that sort of stir up the way in which you go through the games.
Time Crisis is very solid and very hard, at least for me, and I get a real kick out of the cheesy badguys in the cutscenes, which are done in the game engine and are rather impressive for PS1-era stuff. Comes with an English-language instruction sheet for crazy gaijin.
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