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Time Crisis II
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  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Light_Gun; reg=NA]
Light gun game where you press a metal footpedal to reload and/or stay behind cover. Enemies duck behind cover too, and difficulty very quickly ramps up so you get guys who are ready to pop you as soon as you pop your head out. Rather chunky 3D graphics are PS1-ish-looking, but they get the job done. The cab I played on had two player guns/screens/pedals next to each other, one of the guns, which are shaped like large semi-automatic pistols, being pink (!), the other blue.
There's a kind of cool animation of spent shell casings as you go through bullets. Ammo is unlimited, but you have to reload after six or eight or so shots, which isn't all that many really; then again, the enemies are quick enough on the draw that I wasn't usually tempted to keep my head out long enough to fire all of those off in one go, anyway.
Time Crisis is pretty much the yardstick of traditional light gun games as far as I'm concerned, and this solid entry in the series is another reason why.
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