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Time Crisis 3
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Huzzah for Namco and the Guncon2 games! Every single one so far has been super and this is no exception. The usual Time Crisis crouching thing is back, plus now while you're crouching you can switch between regular pistol, uzi, shotgun, or grenade launcher. Aside from the pistol, the weapons have limited ammo, but you can get more by hitting certain specially-colored enemies multiple times. You also get bonus points for "combo" shots on any target, even if they're already dead and just falling over, which makes for a nice urge to overkill.
The main game itself gets pretty hard by the end of the second mission (there are three, each with multiple stages). In fact I still can't beat that one, even with continues, so I may have to notch down the difficulty. 'Cause I guess you unlock other stuff after ocmpleting arcade mode (which is the only thing available at the beginning), like another playable sniper character. So far all I can do is arcade mode or score attack on the first two missions.
The shooting is nonstop and challenging, and moves along at a rapid clip through ever-varying locations. Tires the hand out pretty quick, it does, though I think that's do in large part to having to hold down the "crouch" button while you're firing.
The only thing so far on which I'm not so keen is the two-player mode, which, rather than putting you together on the same screen, switches to a split-screen mode with two tiny windows side-by-side. Too small to see! Darnit, and I also wanted to play two-gun Woo style--can't do that here. I guess they figured that this way you can get crossfires and stuff, as the two players take slightly different paths through the same levels (you can see the CPU player doing this while you play single-player) but man, it doesn't work out so well with an image that small, unless you go the full route described in the manual of linking two PS2's, two copies of the game and two televisions. Yikes.
Still as a shooting game it's just damn good stuff, one of the most exciting and highly-polished light-gun games that I've played.
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