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Raiden IV
  opened by paleface at 21:37:18 01/19/09  
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  paleface [sys=X360; cat=Shooter_Vert; reg=JPN]
Very much like the port I've played of the previous installment in the series, Raiden III (see entry 938), although now the 3D graphics are much sharper and more attractive, and I have the vague impression that the ship and stage designs had more in common with the look of the old, 2D Raidens, which is a good thing. It still has the rotating powerups that can switch you to a weapon you don't like if you aren't very careful, and, like III, the view is still pitched back ever-so-slightly for some reason, so it isn't a direct overhead view, and you have to mentally adjust for a bit of perspective on your shots.
Still, as far as modern vertical shooters go, there aren't many as good as this--not that that means I like it nearly as much as the old 2D Raiden Fighters games or anything, though.
Pretty sure this port allows you to rotate the screen, but I didn't actually check that on my very non-rotating projector.
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