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The King of Fighters 2001
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This is the "PS2 Classics" version, available on the Japanese PSN store.
Like their KOF 2000 PS2 port (see entry 1342), SNK (or whoever handled these versions) added a "Party Mode" survival-style mode--which I did not try out at all. In fact, I didn't get farther than trying eh probably just the normal Team Story mode or whatnot, and seeing what they did with the background graphics.
I think maybe the character sprites did not at least have their interior pixels all blurred like KOF 2000 on PS2 did, but again I can't really remember for sure, because--good golly, those backgrounds. Someone took the original, low-res 2D backgrounds, and tried to make a 3D version of them by eh well I guess separating the various bits of items in the backgrounds, and mapping them onto flat 3D planes in the shape of those items, scattered in depth in a new 3D background set-up. So the elementes that were in the old 2D backgrounds now have some parallax to them, and even may curve it bit, for instance in the case of a large screen in one of the backgrounds.
Unfortunately, the effect is highly artificial and hideous, not least because the low-res 2D bitmaps are now blurred and stretched out on the 3D planes, just becoming extremely smudged, fake-looking textures.
This was a horrible idea.
I think there may be two different "time of day" versions for each of the original backgrounds, now, but I didn't have the heart to try them out. The game also teases by showing an "Arcade" version of the backgrounds--I guess I *assume* that this would let you turn off the hideous 3Dification of the backgrounds, and play them in 2D as they were meant to be played, but I don't know because apparently in order to unlock the "Arcade" versions of the backgrounds, you have to win through like scores or hundreds of opponents in "Party Mode." If "Party Mode" here is as easy as it was in the PS4 PS2 Classics version of 2000, that could be pretty do-able for most of them, but anyway I didn't care to try.
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