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Arcade Archives Double Dragon
  opened by paleface at 01:04:36 05/09/19  
  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Beat_em_up; loc=NA]
One of the earlier entries in Hamster Corporation's series of emulated arcade games, Arcade Archives Double Dragon doesn't have the time or score attack modes later Arcade Archives entries have, and unlike later games does not have the option to scale the screen up to the full screen height (rather odd really), or to turn off the subtle black/grey border background.
But man Double Dragon is still a gosh-darn fun game. Yeah the AI can't really see the elbow move coming, but if you stay away from that, I don't know if there's another beat 'em up that puts up a fight like this, where each battle really feels like a knock-down, drag-out brawl, with simultaneous hits and just a lot of pummeling going on. Good times. : )
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