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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
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  "More fighting games need this option!"

Temporarily reinstalled Dead or Alive 5 Last Round on my PS4 to point out some things it really does right for Vs play, especially for Vs CPU play: you can tell it which characters AND stages to pick from when using random select (and it also randomizes costumes), and you can have it just let you play match after match--so it's a breeze to play the game in a carefree, neverending series of matches at your desired difficulty level, taking full advantage of the variety of stages, characters, and costumes available in the game, and letting you leave out the ones you don't like (except costumes--a filter there would have been appreciated :p).
I wish more fighting games let you play them this way! It must be far easier to implement than a Quest or even "Ghost Battle" type of mode, and it's basically all a player like me needs to spend many happy hours playing a game.
For instance, if you're on a VF kick you can set it to use just the four Virtua Fighter characters in the game. : )
The other fighting game I can think of that does something like this is Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, way back on the PS2; in the hidden "Random Battle Mode" in that game , you can configure a list of which characters (and ISMs) will be chosen randomly for P1 and P2, either of which can be set to be the CPU--so actually, in being able to configure separate random filters for the player and the CPU--or two players--it's a step beyond DOA5! It also advances automatically to the next fight, not making you press to confirm that as DOA5 does. Oh and in Anthology you can bring up the filter from the Pause menu at any time, rather than having to back all the way out to the main menu. : ) But Anthology doesn't let you filter the stages (and they don't even randomize, you just march through all of them in a fixed order every time), which I lament a little every time I play it. ; )
Gimme endless random (or non) play! : D Gimme difficulty selection (oh, and like Tekken--6 for instance--where I can change it on the fly!)! Gimme character filter! Gimme stage filter! Gimme costume filter! Me me me! Do that and then I can make a single-player mode for myself that I'll like way better than all your silly "arcade" and "campaign" modes, you silly over-designers! Just let me fight the fights I want to fight, for gosh's sake!
(And no I'm not going to get back into DOA5; the camera, counters, and cheesecake annoy me. :p)
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