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Tekken Tag Tournament
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Fighting; reg=NA]
I never owned this game, but it somehow became so popular that even I, in my SNK bubble, heard about it. I was skeptical that any other game could be anywhere near as cool as the NeoGeo games I loved, so instead of buying it I took the unheard of--for me--step of renting it from my local Blockbuster.
I decided I didn't like it. I'd probably only played it for 10 minutes or something; I doubt I really gave it a chance. I went in thinking I wasn't going to like the one-button-per-limb control layout, and wouldn't you know it, I felt that I didn't like it as soon as I tried it. I probably just rented it so that I could pooh-pooh it authoritatively to myself, and return to my precious pixel art games (Virtua Fighter 4--see entry 1377--wouldn't be out on PS2 for another year and a half).
These days I have and enjoy the "HD" version on PS3; see entry 1402. As far as I can tell from YouTube, the PS3 version is an amazingly accurate recreation of the earlier version--except that, for some reason, it omits the "1 on 1" mode the PS2 version has.
· Tekken Tag Tournament HD (PS3)

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