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Tekken Tag Tournament HD
  opened by paleface at 19:40:39 01/15/21  
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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Fighting; reg=NA]

My tag team Survival score says "BRUCE LEE" : D (1'40'55).
My very first time playing Tekken Tag Tournament HD--heck, never even played the games it's derived from, Tekken Tag Tournament on PS2--where it gets its crazy menu systems, apparently ^_^--and Tekken 3 on PS1. TTTHD definitely has that precise old Tekken feel I got from Tekken 1 and Tekken 2 (you can still download those PS1 Classics on PS3), only more playable, and with way more characters and costumes--including some unexpected hidden ones--a surprisingly addictive bowling minigame, and now all looking really sharp in 1080p with great new lighting and textures.
It comes on a game/movie combo PS3 disc called "Tekken Hybrid," which has a) Tekken Tag Tournament HD, which you have to install to the PS3's HDD in order to play (but play still requires having the Tekken Hybrid BDROM in the drive), b) a Tekken CG movie called "Tekken Blood Vengeance 3D" (I think? I guess you'd just play the disc like a movie or something--I haven't tried) and c) a demo version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for PS3--I read on a message board that the demo has four playable characters, but I didn't try this, either.
Took me a while to piece together that that nutty-looking purple demon "Devil" is the original "Devil Jin." ; ) And the alter-ego "palette swap" "Angel" costume for it is eh well clever!
Oh and Kazuya turned bad-guy in Tekken 2, I guess? I gotta get up with the times. :p
The movement's a little stiff and sticky by more modern standards but the game is very solid (and hard!), looks sharp, and there's just something fun about those classic Tekken modes and punch-splosions that has me wanting to go back for more. I definitely like that you don't have to worry about the more complicated team combo moves available in TTT2 (TTT just has a team throw you do by pressing the tag button with an attack button), and you just, you know, swap in and out and punch and kick people. Or lizards/angels/devils/pandas/robots (THREE JACKS??). What could be finer?
  paleface 20:31:30 01/15/21


Random [?] select does the costumes, which is nice; and I found out midway through that you can just hit Start at the very beginning of character select, after setting the team size, and it will automatically randomize all the characters as you go! Very handy.
Man, Bruce! He and Kazuya as a team (1'00"22) went all the way, 8-0! : o
I had some trouble against Unknown at first; I don't think she's boss-powered in this mode, just has some good attacks.
The "P" in "P.Jack" stands for "Prototype," according to Wikipedia.
The star icon shown mid-uppercut-motion in Angel/Devil's move list (1'07"45) appears to indicate a spot where you have to let the stick return to neutral (rest) before doing the next part of the motion--as far as I can tell from looking up FAQs, anyway. That enforced neutral position is a new one on me, may take some getting used to--or I'll just never do those moves, hah! :P
Some really memorable matches, with some battles coming down to the last rounds! Really fun how one character will go on a kill streak for big drama--ooh like the CPU's Tetsujin was just assassinating me seemingly unstoppably late on at 49'22, it was nuts! And even worse, Ganryu at 56'32, executing a total bloodbath on me that looked like finally the end of my champion form!
Theater mode, it turns out, doesn't list all the costume selects for all characters, just for most of them; for some, it only lists/shows 1! When they at least have 2. Dang.
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