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PSOne Classic version on PS3. Kinda clunky and there's the one-button-per-limb thing that maybe I'll never quite get, but you can see how there's something kind of impressive here, considering that its contemporary competition was Virtua Fighter 2 on Saturn--and if that one's like the arcade version as ported to PS3--see entry 1378--then Tekken is way less disastrously clunky than the higher-browed VF2. Not quite as brutal AI-wise either...but it has its moments. ;_;
The starting roster is only eight--and they're all kind of off-looking, as seems to be "the Tekken look" somehow--but each of those unlocks another, sort of enhanced or alternate version character once they beat the boss--who surprisingly isn't all that tough, relative to some of the regular cast (darn Law, darn Paul, darn Michelle!).
I love the button mapping UI, too: shows a diagram of a PS controller, and when you press and hold a button on your controller, the corresponding button on the diagram lights up, with a little field there showing the current mapping of that button, and you can toggle through the functions w/ left/right on the d-pad. Sinple, elegant, easy to read and fun to edit.
Oh yeah and nice music, and even the basics of the sound engineering were well looked at: in calibrating the volume level for recording, it was immediately obvious that the volume peaks were engineered to fall off at the same decibel level, making calibration super clean and easy! Man I wish every game paid that level of attention to the sound set.
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