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Tekken 6
  opened by paleface at 21:05:28 12/30/20  
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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Fighting; reg=NA]

Disclaimer--didn't actually play online. :P
Also, there is a surprising amount of yodeling. And phasing sheep.
This is me going through the menus and modes in Tekken 6 on PS3 for the first time. Exciting! I was worried it would fight like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (see entry 1391) or Tekken 7 (entry 1392, in which all the characters feel pretty samey to me, but no! It feels just like Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ("DR") (entry 1390), which I like, only somewhat prettier (though running at only 720p rather than DR's plain-but-sharp 1080p), with a few added mechanics--such as Rage and Bounce--that I thought might be overly intrusive but haven't been so far, and with some of the frustrating quirks of DR's Ghost Battle mode, which is what I play, mostly :), fixed or at least improved.
So basically it was what I'd hardly dared hope for, and I am very pleased. : D I even completed Arcade Battle, which I don't think I've even done in DR yet!
Namco made the somewhat odd decision--although I guess they felt it was the necessary and hot thing at the time--to make the 3D action-RPG-brawler "Scenario Campaign" the primary focus of the game's presentation; it isn't like a fighting game and really isn't my thing, and the question plaguing me throughout this session was do I need to complete it to unlock any stages for Ghost Battle mode--and fortunately, as far as I can tell, the answer is No.
The Customize mode surprised me in that it's relatively simple, more like a GUI version--see before you buy! what a concept :)--of the simple text-only customization interface you got on Ghost Battle's character select screen in DR than TTT2's seemingly much more in-depth (at least, that's how it struck me) customization mode, and maybe not offering quite as many options as I had come to expect from reading pearly reviews of T6's customization mode from fans; I don't really want my Marduk to be a football player or gladiator, for instance, but those seem to be the lines along which almost all of his customization options go--and while basic color customization is free--yay!--the items themselves are waaaay more pricey in 6 than they were in DR.
The thing I really care about is the endless VS CPU battling in Ghost Battle, though, and so far it's just ducky. The option to download more Ghosts based on players who log into the Online mode is darn cool (was that in DR? I need to check this... Hm the internet is suggesting it is!); I'm not sure how they would fight differently, but at least it gives you a near-endless supply of customized costumes to see while you play.
The annoying problem of Ghost Battle in DR, where when you start a new character you first have to beat a rather tough middle-rank AI character, is more or less solved here since you can set the difficulty on the fly in GB and nearly every other mode, too--a really slick feature I wish more games had (VF's Quest mode does, although it doesn't have as many difficulty settings--just 2); you can still get stuck against a tough opponent, and in that case you still have to quit back to the main menu to have GB give you a different opponent, but at least, with careful management of the difficulty setting and some luck, you won't have to bonk into a much tougher AI than you can handle on your first dash out of the gate with a new character, usually; ie, when you're going to switch to a new character, set the difficulty low before exiting with your current character, and the character that comes up when you come back in should theoretically be a low-ranked one. (Wait, you can't set difficulty for GB in DR, can you? ... Gotta check!)
This also for now relieves my worry that the offline player to a max rank of 1st dan will prevent me from facing tough opposition; it *looks* like setting the difficulty to max would still bring you much higher ranked opponents. I wonder if you can curve the difficulty by downloading lots of high-rank ghosts? How many ghosts can you download, anyway??
  paleface 01:54:06 12/31/20
Hah okay I'm a dope, you can set the difficulty on the fly in DR just like in 6, and thus fix that problem of the first fight with a beginner character in Ghost Battle being too tough. I did find though that cranking the difficulty to Ultra in DR didn't get the game suddenly offering me super high ranked opponents, whereas it did in T6; the character I happened to be using in T6 was at a somewhat higher rank than when I tried this in DR just now though, so I suppose that could have affected the outcome.
(And no, no downloading ghosts--or any online features whatsoever--in the PS3 version of DR! So that is a major addition in 6 as far as a CPU battler such as myself is concerned. Wish I knew how many you can download but maybe I'd better find out before they shut the service down some day!)
  paleface 14:30:19 12/31/20
Two corrections:
1) At some point I think I say about Practice mode that there's no way to fight against the CPU in Practice. That is incorrect: with the Mode Select item at the top of the Practice Mode pause menu, you can set the mode to "VS CPU TRAINING."
2) While it's true that the base version of the PS3 Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection has no online features, the game has one DLC item: "Online Expansion." Once downloaded and installed, it updates the game's title and XMB icon to "Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online," and adds Online Battle, Survival, and Practice modes to the game. So with the expansion, DR(O) does have online features--and they appear to be still operational; I didn't find a match, but you can search, and create a room, and the Weekly leaderboard had players listed. However, even in DRO, the PS3 version has no ghost download feature like Tekken 6 (or the PSP version of 5DR) has.
  paleface 19:07:40 01/01/21
From Gamefaqs:
Yes. These are the characters that have hidden costumes if you have the PS3 system(my system) press triangle at the character select screen
I heard that Kazuya had a cyborg costume but i haven't tried it out yet.
Roger Jr.
Armor King
  paleface 10:39:30 02/02/21

I didn't really think I was going to like Bob, Alisa, or Lars, but they were lots of fun to play! Glad I was able to give Lars some not-too-silly hair, 1000% better now! ; )
Looks like you can probably only have 100 Ghost AIs I guess I should try to get high rank ones?
Ghost Battle was really fun, more fun I think than in T5 Dark Resurrection! Hits feel so snazzy in this game.
No ghosts show up in Team Battle, which is too bad maybe... Can also be a bad play time to load time ratio sometimes, if you and your opponent trade off three or so characters all of low health--besides which, matches go fast, being just one round.
  paleface 18:56:38 04/05/21
Starting drunken master Lei Wulong in Ghost Battle mode of Tekken 6 on PS3, on Hard difficulty (plus some experimentation with Ultra Hard at the end):

0:00 - start
1:13 - Customize
12:37 - Ghost Battle (Hard)
1:26:46 - Hard to Ultra Hard
1:36:47 - ranks (& difficulty?)
1:39:05 - wrap-up & what's next!
Lei is fun! I don't think I've very good with him. He has at least three special stances I slipped into at some point (crane stance, lying down, and shoot, something else I'm blanking on); I'm bad at stances. And intricate combinations. So Lei may not really be for me, but he was fun so to heck with it. Eh the question will be, can I start to get effective with his other moves, or will it come down to me falling back on down-forward Left Kick and down-back Right Kick whenever push comes to shove? Because that wouldn't be so great. :P
Got all the way up to 1st kyu with him in this one session, from Beginner; 1st kyu is just one rank away from the top rank you can achieve fighting offline: 1st dan. I tested raising the difficulty to the highest setting, Ultra Hard, to see who would challenge me; several fights later I had a "Conqueror" rank Lili--took two of five rounds off her in the first try! According to a wiki list, above 1st dan, the ranks go up to 4th dan, then 27 named ranks; Conqueror is the 12th named rank. So that "CC M@ster" Conquerer Lili ghost was 13 ranks above me, but there were still 15 more ranks above her. Are there ghosts for all of them? Can I get the higher ranks to face me in Ghost Battle if I can only reach 1st dan (given that I'm not interested in online)?
I guess I'll have to take Lei to 1st dan and try more Ultra Hard next time to see what the highest rank AI I can fight is, and to figure out if the challenge level is high enough (it really doesn't have to be crushingly high I suppose, just high enough to keep me on my toes) to be worth continuing to play.
I suspect that I *won't* be able to get upper echelon ranks to challenge me, but even so, at this point the challenge I can get will be enough to keep me busy--for now. But, will I start to feel the challenge ebbing away if I start getting better with practice? Will I start to feel like I'm "wasting my time" as I grind for being able to afford some of those fancy costumes? Will I have to fall back entirely on Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection for Ghost Battle challenge, eventually?
  paleface 18:54:15 04/12/21
Starting Bruce Irvin in Ghost Battle mode of Tekken 6 on PS3! (Also looking at Armor King and Yoshimitsu's customization options, messing a bit with Bruce's, testing out moving up through the Ghost Battle opponent ranks, and the G$ you get from Survival.)

0:00 - start
1:20 - Armor King customization options
11:20 - Yoshimitsu customization options
19:10 - Bruce customization
29:40 - Bruce starts Ghost Battle!
33:55 - climbing opponent ranks
1:02:11 - vs Juggernaut Law "Kats Cats"
1:10:42 - experimenting w/ difficulty setting
1:44:14 - Survival
1:50:03 - Ghost Battle - Very Hard, etc
2:00:48 - wrap-up & what's next!
Bruce is cool (his customization options are probably cool too, they're just so casual it's less flashy browsing the options via icons in the Customize mode), and I'm terrible at his standard right uppercut juggle.
I tested it out here and Ghost Battle difficulty / opponent rank here seems to work pretty much just like it does in Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, except that changing the difficulty setting on the fly seems to help you tilt the next set of opponents harder or easier. My theory is: the rank of the first opponent is based on the difficulty setting, and the rank of subsequent opponents is based on the rank of the one you just beat, scaled by the difficulty setting.
It was fun using that by picking the top, higher ranked opponent repeatedly to get to a much higher rank of opponent than I usually fight--that Juggernaut-ranked Law was a bit tough. : o But according to a wiki list, Juggernaut is still *seventeen* ranks below the top rank--although I'm not sure the AIs in Ghost Battle go that high. Don't really want to find out right now, either. : ooo
So yeah Juggernaut is 10 ranks above the highest dan rank in the game, 4th dan; from there the ranks go Mentor, Master, Rogue, Brawler, Marauder, Berserker, Warrior, Avenger, Vindicator, Juggernaut, Vanquisher, Destroyer, Conqueror, Savior, Champion, Overlord, Sage, Legend, Fujin, Raijin, Yaksa, Raksasa, Asura, Dragon Lord, Tekken Lord, Tekken Emperor, Tekken God.
Being able to go up and down the opponent ranks kind of organically based on your opponent choice is a nifty mechanic, I like that; makes picking the next opponent its own little game, kinda. And you've only got like two seconds to choose!
Survival makes at least as much G$ as I get for my typical low-level, 3-rounds-to-win Ghost Battle--and in just one round! I like playing Ghost Battle more though so eh. T6 is so grindy on the $ front, though! I mean this was what 1.5 hours of playing and I pretty much didn't make enough G$ to afford any items. ; ) That's replay value I suppose! Gotta get the millions for that mohawk, 3,000 at a time. : p
(Kind of miss the Robot Mask item Armor King has in DR; he has a metallic silver mask here but from the icon it doesn't look like it has the big, Transformers-style faceted look the Dr one does.)
  paleface 19:45:03 04/19/21
I think I'm gonna give Tekken 6 a rest for a while--5 DR is just feeling lighter and more fun right now. : )
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