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Blue Wish Desire
  opened by paleface at 00:51:45 07/12/22  
  last modified by paleface at 18:04:13 07/24/22  
  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Shooter_Vert; loc=JPN]

BWD is $9.99 on Steam ; a free trial version--not sure in what way it may be limited--can be downloaded from developer xxgameroom's channel.
I looked through most of the games in the Free Shmup Wiki list and the predecessor to Blue Wish Desire, called Blue Wish Resurrection Plus (free on xxgameroom's channel) was the one I found that DIDN'T have the flashing or strobing hit flash FX on enemies that have been in pretty much every other modern Japanese-style shmup, and which don't play well with my occasionally photosensitive old eyeballs. So I hadn't been able to shmup for a few years here, but now I can again--thanks, xxgameroom! : D (Enemies highlight in a solid color when shot, rather than flashing. How hard was that, all you other developers who've been gouging my eyes all this time???)
Got pretty far already but haven't unlocked Hell difficulty, or tried (or mostly unlocked) the other ships.
The sorta Ketsui-like score cubes that come out of destroyed enemies start at 8 and decrease as they travel, so you get more points if you blow up ships when you're within about 1/3rd of the screen from them.
The "Burst" rechargeable mega-shot, while activated, can save your life once if you have no bombs left to sacrifice when you're hit.
The community-translated readme mentions that you unlock more wallpapers, difficulty levels, and ship types "by fulfilling certain requirements."
The Japanese manual says Extends (1UP) are gained at 5 million and 15 million points.
The developer, xxgameroom, posted their own Secrets FAQ, listing specifics for unlocking stuff, which also suggests there's only the one hidden 1UP that I found (not hard to find either, apparently!)
I love the "TREASURE" you find in craters. ^ _^
I'm using the Joy2Key utility to play the game on my PC laptop using my PS4 Hori Real Arcade Pro 2017 version, and to have the buttons act as toggles so my crusty old shoulder doesn't have to get stressed out holding them down. ; )
  paleface 15:00:47 07/24/22
The different colors of big pulsing bullets and their patterns mess with my eyes a little on their own, even without hit flashing. My eyes are just silly. Enemy sprites have more shading and seeming dimension than those in the prequel, Resurrection Plus, which can look flat by comparison.
  paleface 18:04:13 07/24/22
To my surprise, I DIDN'T get a "just one more play" compulsion from this game. Maybe it's something to do with the graphics and sound, or the flow of the enemy patterns? It was easy to take that stuff almost for granted with Cave.
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