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R4: Ridge Racer Type 4
  opened by paleface at 23:12:05 08/07/22  
  last modified by paleface at 12:27:18 03/05/24  
  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Driving; reg=NA]

YEah I like this better than all the Outruns, Wipeouts, and Gran Turismos Iíve tried : )
Itís pretty hard = ooo but racing the AI is actually pretty fun and you get into weird boost battles thanks to the funky shift/drift mechanics
Also the music roolz
and the lighting is gdlk
Oh uh and at one point I think I say something like you can't really see behind you, which is impressive considering that the rear view mirror was RIGHT THERE and I'm pretty sure I'd already used it a few times at least. : P
  paleface 23:18:02 08/07/22
Driving runs at ~30 fps; menus are 60. : P
  paleface 19:48:35 08/08/22
The steering is all digital--no analog sticks--and feels really good!
  paleface 21:24:25 08/29/22

Of the four "Final GP" races, three had pretty cool tracks, and two turned out to be pretty easy--including the final track, where even in my (maybe? in the first half of Gran Prix, I seemed to qualify for only the weakest upgrades) sub-optimal car, which could now not drift easily (braking while turning would no longer kick into a drift, only letting off gas and then hitting gas again would, which was super-awkward), all I had to do to win, it turned out, was hold down the pedal, shift up to top gear, and steer lazily around the course. Kind of a let-down for the final race!!
And while that unlocks "Garage" mode, where you can change car colors and apply 1 (?) decal, or something, and you also now have all eight tracks available in Time Attack mode, Grand Prix mode is exactly the same if you replay it, and I have no urge to replay with different cars.
So for me, a fun but kind of short game--I guess it may be best to think of it as a longish arcade game. : D Those first seven races are pretty fun!
It's looking as though Crazy Taxi (see entry 1455) might be my actual Gran Turismo, though. = o

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