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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Beat_em_up; loc=NA]

This PS3 version came out in December 2010 (I think I said in the video it came out in 2011, oops!) and was de-listed in 2013.
In the arcade, the 6-player cab is two 4:3 screens next to each other, and they update on alternating frames, so it's sort of a staggered 30 fps. For this PS3 version, they made both sides of the screen update together. ; ) Still only 30 fps during gameplay, though! But the cutscenes are 60 fps. Oh and I did go back and check: 4-player cab mode, which is just one 4:3 screen, is still only 30 fps gameplay.
Various sources from the time or release list the game as "X-Men: The Arcade Game." It only comes up as "X-Men" on the PS3 though, and only has "X-Men" as the title in-game.
Early PS3 Backbone port, so unfortunately has a mandatory blur filter--but you can add ANOTHER blur filter over that, if you want. : P
  paleface 21:38:30 11/30/22

Dazzler's got some weird, but strangely effective fighting poses. Developed a bad habit of throwing her mutant power the wrong way--trying to shave things a little too close maneuvering around. At least I finally figured out the dive kick: gotta hold Jump down for a second or so before switching to the Attack button, otherwise it does a regular jumping kick thing.
Forgot how the Reavers get gradually tougher!

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