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This PS3 version came out in December 2010 (I think I said in the video it came out in 2011, oops!) and was de-listed in 2013.
In the arcade, the 6-player cab is two 4:3 screens next to each other, and they update on alternating frames, so it's sort of a staggered 30 fps. For this PS3 version, they made both sides of the screen update together. ; ) Still only 30 fps during gameplay, though! But the cutscenes are 60 fps. Oh and I did go back and check: 4-player cab mode, which is just one 4:3 screen, is still only 30 fps gameplay.
Various sources from the time or release list the game as "X-Men: The Arcade Game." It only comes up as "X-Men" on the PS3 though, and only has "X-Men" as the title in-game.
Early PS3 Backbone port, so unfortunately has a mandatory blur filter--but you can add ANOTHER blur filter over that, if you want. : P
  paleface 21:38:30 11/30/22

Dazzler's got some weird, but strangely effective fighting poses. Developed a bad habit of throwing her mutant power the wrong way--trying to shave things a little too close maneuvering around. At least I finally figured out the dive kick: gotta hold Jump down for a second or so before switching to the Attack button, otherwise it does a regular jumping kick thing.
Forgot how the Reavers get gradually tougher!
  paleface 20:37:55 02/14/23

Colossus has some great moves. ^ _^ So fun. And he's actually really good at picking apart most of the bosses; I think I only struggled--and then REALLY struggled--against the Egyptian statues, and the first Magneto encounter for some reason (although the second went better so maybe if I went back to the first now it'd be okay).
In the boss rush near the end of Konami's 1992 "X-Men" there's a recurring musical riff--like 48:56 --that is straight out of Janet Jackson's 1986 song "Nasty" ( )
Although it would have been Jim Lee's artistic take on the X-Men that was all the rage at the time, and the game includes Asteroid M, which kicked off the Lee era, and the Reavers, who didn't come along until the late '80s (oh right, the game is based on the 1989 animated pilot "Pryde of the X-Men" , thanks @bachelorsoft8698 for the tip!) the credits showcase John Byrne's early '80s art.
So basically I guess the dev team were still big early-to-mid-80s fans. ^ _^
  paleface 12:14:14 04/21/24
Download added: 22_blur.jpg (87544 bytes)
  "x2 view of playfield blur. Stands out even worse in RPCS3 than on PS3."
After jailbreaking the PS3, I initially brought X-Men over to play in RPCS3--but the playfield blur in it that's always been visible on the PS3 is just so much more in my overworked eyeballs in the otherwise crystal-clear emulated display that ah I'm just gonna skip it.

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