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Arcade Archives Vendetta
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Through the Options, then single-player through the modern emulation of a 1991 Konami arcade beat-em-up in Arcade Archives Vendetta on PS4--2P JP cabinet mode, ie "Crime Fighters 2"--as Sledge!
Vendetta, or Crime Fighters 2, goes to some pains to improve upon most of the weaker points of its prequel (Crime Fighters--see entry 1465)! There are four different playable characters, and it isn't really hard to hit stuff now--except with Sledge's ground attack, which was still really picky about exactly where I stood in relation to the downed opponent; couple that with them still having the ability to rise and attack immediately, without warning, and trying a ground attack can really get you busted up pretty bad. : P But you can actually hit multiple opponents on the ground at once--in the first game, you could never hit more than one opponent at a time, with any sort of attack!
On the other hand, enemies with guns will just shoot you as you lay on the ground. = ooo And they can shoot as soon as they get up (41:41), for quite the surprise! ; P
There's tons of stuff to pick up and blow up! Enemies (especially the pyromaniac flashers) will blow each other up; game gets wild. Hitting baddies with a spiked bat splats them against the back wall, just like one of the toughs in the prequel was always doing to you.
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