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Pac-Man Championship Edition
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Going through the menus and playing through the five-minute modes of the now-delisted PlayStation minis version of Pac-Man Championship Edition on PS3!
- Ergh that split-case handheld shown in the Controls screen isn't a Vita, it's a PSP Go; always forget about that one ]_[
- The PS Blog I was reading:
This was the first version of CE on a PlayStation, and the only stand-alone version the platform has had; came out after CE DX, and before the 720p version of CE in Pac-Man Museum (see entry 1334). It runs in a 1080p screen, but looks chunky, like it's probably PSP resolution--480x272--up-rezzed, with a border around the outside of the screen, and a line of black pixels right down the middle of the playfield. Seems to play fine. Only a 22 MB download, came out for $4.99 (Feb 1 2011--well after the original Xbox Live Arcade release in 2007, but three years before the slightly less chunky PS3 Pac-Man Museum version in 2014!), but got de-listed somewhere in 2019 or 2020--likely along with the PS3 Pac-Man Museum in July 2020:
According to delistedgames, this is thought to have been due to the by that time Bandai Namco Entertainment wanting to clear out its old games that still had the former Namco Bandai Games--like Pac-Man CE--or slightly more recent Bandai Namco Games branding. : P
Your local save file tracks a short list of milestones you achieve in the game, and your highest score in each mode, but unlike the Pac-Man Museum versions, this one doesn't have online trophies or leaderboards.
I like the packed pixel-art "How to Play" screens.
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