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Arcade Archives Burger Time
  opened by paleface at 01:06:14 09/28/22  
  last modified by paleface at 12:27:18 03/05/24  
  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Platformer; reg=NA]

11 million world record, here I come! ; D
Darn that flippin' Mr. Pickle. = o Mr. Hot Dog's clown shoes! Mr. Egg's beauty spot! Bouncing buns!
The game was originally called "Hamburger" ; I wonder if that's what the H on Peter Pepper's hat stands for.
The attract mode title @ 1:48 etc definitely has a space between "Burger" and "Time." ^ _^
OH! And "DECO" stands for "Data East Corporation" (
  paleface 21:21:33 12/09/22

There's a bit of jank in Burger Time, like how condiments spawn right back into you from the side, or your chef can kind of get stuck a bit mounting or dismounting ladders. And there's a lot I don't exactly understand, like the AI's pathfinding, what gets you peppers and snacks, and the combo scoring. And then there's mean stuff, like how on some stages you gotta be running from the instant the stage appears. But darn it, if you get a run of condiments falling it's a thing of beauty.
  paleface 03:21:06 02/26/23

Did my usual okay at first, then overthink it and get worse and worse until I finally get mad and then do a bit better. ; ) Actually kinda stomped my score from the last time I played 2.5 months ago, didn't expect to manage that! = D
  paleface 16:43:17 02/26/23
A comment from @rodneylives on the latest video pointed out that a) it isn't necessary to pepper the condiments to get them to help drop the burger parts farther and b) the more condiments are on the burger part, the farther it will fall!

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