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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD Ver. Trial
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I didn't buy the full version in time back in the day--it was delisted a few years after release--which I have continued to regret on and off ever since. : P

The PS3 game is an enhanced version (I'm told--I never played it in the arcade!! Can't remember if I ever even saw it in an arcade) of the Capcom CPS III arcade game Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, with additional stuff like an optional graphical filter (I switch this off after a bit), online leaderboards (the demo has a ton of leaderboards = o?!?), and more not available in this demo version: online play, training mode, Challenge mode (my old notes on the DC version--see entry 1335 --say this was a Survival type thing), whatever "Player Data" is, and replays.
The demo is called "Demo" before you install it, at which point the name on the XMB icon switches to "Trial."
I think another reason I didn't buy it at the time was that I'd found the "stands" thing confusing in the DC version. I was actually finding it surprisingly down-to-Earth here in the demo...while I was forgetting about the Stand button for the first half of this session. ; D Then it appeared in Hol Horse's move list and I remembered it and it confused me again until I just ignored it. : P What I thought I'd figured out while not remembering the Stand button with Dio was that your stand is there with you until you do a stand special move, then it goes away for a little while to regenerate or something.
I particularly liked Dio's crouching normals: striking poses and effective moves.
Story mode in the demo seems limited to three fights. It looks on the short side--five fights?--in the play-throughs of the arcade version that I looked up on YouTube. Hm it's actually hard to find play-throughs of the console HD Ver version... Okay this Xbox Live Arcade Jotaro play-through looks like NINE fights, although three or more appear to be just one round: . This Dio playthrough of Bizarre Adventure in the Dreamcast version is seven fights, but two are back-to-back single-round fights vs different opponents on the same stage. So I guess it's pretty standard "story" mode length for a fighting game of the era.
I don't *think* it would be one I'd play on the regular once I'd gone though Story mode for most of the characters; I don't love the Stand thing, and the game doesn't feel particularly carefully balanced. HMmm. Okay I was trying to convince myself not to buy the DC import but I've failed; it isn't actually ridiculously expensive or anything. And there are very few decent captures of it on YouTube. Another excuse I had for not playing it back in the day was that it doesn't support the DC VGA box--but the Kuro VGA box I have now can output non-VGA games through VGA anyway (I used that to play the non-VGA 240p mode of the DC port of a more well-known CPS III arcade game made by the same team who made JoJo's: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike); JoJo's is 240p on DC apparently, and I do like that 240p. And I like the cheesy weirdness of the game. Although I'm not sure the JP version (I only have a JP DC these days) has an English text option--suspect it doesn't. OH but the US version IS ridiculously expensive anyway, hah! My old notes say "Challenge" mode is a Survival mode. I'd also thought the game had too many flashy FX, but they weren't really bothering me in the HD version demo. Huhhh well maybe I'll have to give it a try.
So it was made by the SFIII team; came out in late '98, which puts it between SFIII 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike. I do prefer the SFIII stage designs prior to 3rd Strike; and one thing that really gets me about SFIII are the character designs, but here the character designs came from JoJo creator Hirohiko Araki ("Lucky Land Communications" seen in the small print on the title screen is his manga studio; "Shueisha" is the publisher of the Jump Comics in which the JoJo manga appears).
I erroneously referred to the DC version as a "double disc compilation" or something early in this episode; to be clear rather than...wrong, the DC version is a SINGLE disc, containing two versions: a port of the original 1998 "JOJO's Venture" arcade game, and a port of its 1999 arcade update, "JoJo's Bizarre: Heritage for the Future."
  paleface 04:05:50 10/22/22
The demo has four playable characters: Dio, Hol Horse, uh that guy with the chicken-headed stand, and uh that guy with the noodley-armed stand, who figures out the secret of Dio's stand.
Runs in 720p.
  paleface 21:43:20 06/18/23

~ Frames of light punch input lag on my set-up:
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Heritage for the Future
Dreamcast: 4
PS3 demo: 3
Flycast: 1-2
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