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Simple 1500 Series Vol.30: The Basket ~ 1 on 1 Press ~
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Sports; loc=Japan]
Simple Series re-issue of "1 on 1" (I'm not sure about the last word, the katakana is "pu ra su"--"place" was the best idea I had, though "press" was the first and makes more sense, but wouldn't that have been "pu re su"? Oh well) with, from what I can gather from the FAQ of the original edition, simplified controls (you don't have to press a button to dribble) and a new 2-on-2 mode, which I've yet to try.
I have almost no clue of how to execute all the obscure moves of each of the fourteen or so wacky street basketball players but that's okay because at least I can dunk, and even fake shots when playing against a human. Some hilarious characters--one of my favorites is the woodsman, simply because he has a squirrel on his head--and relatively basic but challenging gameplay: defense is almost like real-time rock/paper/scissors when facing up against the attacker. But of course you could let them run by you and then block the shot from behind, which is what the AI loves doing to me most, unless maybe it's knocking me down just as I start to jump (and how I wish I knew how to do that myself).
The inventive characters, surprisingly pleasant 3D graphics, and nice uptempo music create a comfortable frame for this simple yet compelling and frustrating game, something like NBA Jam really only with interesting characters and that sense of style, sharp control and timing characteristic of top Japanese design houses. I particularly like (though it can be distressing while it is being beaten into you) the way in which each character presents a unique strategic challenge when you play against the CPU.
· Baskelian (PS2)

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