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The Way of the Exploding Fist
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  paleface [sys=C64; cat=Fighting; loc=EUR]

Playing in VICE, "the Versatile Commodore Emulator." Fist is a 1985 C64 fighting game, later released as a free download by its developer/publisher Beam Software through their '90s web site:
The old download link there doesn't work these days of course, but there are plenty of places hosting the game, for instance and .
VICE is a free download from .
As with Beam's other games of the era, Fist was designed for PAL video display, running at 50 fps.
There's a guide for the game here (keep in mind VICE may have different default keyboard keys for Fire, for instance):
Game rules.
Dunno what determines whether a hit is a half or a full point.
  paleface 21:30:57 01/14/23
Eight-way stick with one button, punches and flips are directions, kicks are directions plus button. In Vs CPU, fight CPU karate man who gets tougher as you progress through five bright, slightly abstract backgrounds. Zone out to the deliberate pace, blood-curdling fighting screams, and droning synth chip music based on a 1950s Chinese composition.
The set-up and character style is copied from the previous year's *Karate Champ* arcade game by Technos Japan (pub. by Data East), but I still can't get my head around the dual-stick control in that game.
Back in the day I had International Karate by System 3, which Epyx brought to NTSC C64s in the States 11 months after Fist hit PAL C64s in Europe. IK looks startlingly similar to Fist and Karate Champ, but with more defined real-world-ish backgrounds and somewhat more polished moves. I think I prefer Fist's more Zen-like state.
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