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  opened by paleface at 21:44:10 04/06/23  
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  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Emulation; reg=EUR]
"Versatile Commodore Emulator." Runs a lot of C64 games (see entry 1507, for instance) quite well in Windows.
Also comes with exes emulating other Commodore systems. I didn't like the sound output of their Commodore Plus/4 emu as much as plus4emu's.
  paleface 21:46:36 04/06/23
  paleface 22:03:53 04/06/23
Can launch game from command line shortcut with option, like " -autostart way_pal.vsf"--which is this case is launching a quicksave (located in the same directory as the x64sc.exe binary), to bypass the game/crack's flashy intro(s). ^ _^
· plus4emu (PC)
· The Way of the Exploding Fist (C64)

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