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  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Emulation; loc=EUR]
Commodore Plus/4 emulator. Not really being updated anymore, and the menus are not Windows standard and slightly clunky, but seemed to have the best emulation, particularly sound-wise, of the game I tried, Tetris 2K21 (see entry 1560).
Supports several flavors of SID sound chip add-ons (the newer--higher number--one worked better for T2K21 music).
Can launch games directly from command line or shortcut with " -prg [ROM filename]" option. Otherwise, you can load a game from the menu, but have to remember to type "RUN" at the emulated command prompt.
Some of the settings are a little tricky--some are simulated knobs! I currently have
- Video Quality 0 (turns off filtering)
- Contrast 1.102 (bg was gray rather than black in Tetris at default Contrast)
- Volume 0.198 (it was really loud at default!)
· Tetris 2K21 (CP4)

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