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Solitaire Forever II
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Solitaire Forever II (from Steam; to remind me what regular Klondike is like--and it's like, just clicking through cards and yes waiting for that gambler's rush of knowing you beat chance if you win; less compelling than Microsoft's appallingly smooth ad-ware Solitaire that can guarantee you a solvable deal and even lets you pick a difficulty level for it, like, even a really easy one so you just win win win oh hey you leveled up don't you want to keep playing and you know it's just a couple bucks a month not to be interrupted by those full-screen video ads...) gives you the seven games in the initial list free--the others of the 302 solitaire games require a non-Steam $9.99 purchase. I kinda like those big janky (that is configurable, as is almost everything else) 3D cards, though.
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· The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection (PC)

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