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Give Up the Ghost: a puzzle checklist
  opened by paleface at 12:55:47 02/14/23  
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  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Puzzle; reg=NA]

Played in browser at
Can also be downloaded for free (or with totally optional support to the developer!) for Windows or Mac.
There are 50 stages in total, I bet they get really brain-busting! = oo Solving the first 5 sure made me feel smart. [_[
The game was made in TIC-80, "is a free and open source fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games" according to the web site,
Didn't try the downloaded version; the music got a little scrambled at the end of the session, probably wouldn't happen in the downloaded version--although that gets a little tricky, or at least it did with some others I tried from the TIC site after they didn't run well in browser--you have to download the TIC-80 program/creator, which is under 2 megs, but then run the game from the web site through the program's command line, which isn't exactly intuitive. They sure did run faster that way though. Tried a couple of the "most popular" ones that came closest to grabbing me...they were all right maybe. Simple and turn-based is probably the way to go with this though, like Give Up the Ghost.
  paleface 13:01:47 02/14/23
I usually hate teleporters but I guess I didn't here. = ooOOoo
  paleface 13:59:35 02/14/23
Oh! The dload version of Give Up the Ghost is a straight executable, none of that command line stuff you'd have to do using the TIC-80 application itself.

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