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Mr. Do!
  opened by paleface at 19:20:22 03/13/23  
  last modified by paleface at 12:45:19 07/07/24  
  paleface [sys=SNES; cat=Puzzle; reg=NA]
Cheats from GameFAQs:
At the Universal logo:
Up 9x: change name to Mr. Du
Left 9x: 99 lives
Down 9x: stage select (left/right at main menu)
  paleface 19:42:40 03/13/23

This game is psycho. Eat a dessert and get warped to the inverted dimension where a TV monster vomits more monsters from its face and turns into a giant apple that rolls over ledges and crushes your balding clown if you manage to disintegrate him/her with your bouncy power ball.
It kept inventing new ways to kill me / let me kill myself!
And I kept getting crushed under dead TV monster's giant apple because I just couldn't remember that would happen, it's too weird. ^ D^
The colors! Inverting! The angry static-strobing monster tunneling! The monstrous crushing slowdown apples eating! The cherry gulping siren songing! The numbers-as-tunnels 99 levels-ing!
Man. I loved the C64 version back in the day but this...this is nigh overwhelming. Holy Du-Star!
  paleface 20:34:46 03/13/23
Stage 1's tunnel is a "D" rather than a "1."
Ah, "Mr. Du" is a bootleg version: Interesting that they gave it a shout-out in the SNES version via cheat code! = oo
There's also "Mr. Lo":
Those two bootleg boards appear to be otherwise identical to the original. Then there are the hacks, with altered gameplay: Mr. DigDo, Mr. Jong, and Yankee Do ( )

And that mention in the Wikipedia article, of "the original Japanese version of the game, in which he [(Mr. Do)] is a snowman"--was perhaps most likely a prototype version, with different gameplay and music:
"There is an alternate, earlier version of Mr. Do! where the protagonist is a Yukidaruma (Japanese snowman) instead of a clown. While referred to as a "prototype" in MAME, other sources claim it was properly released in Japan, making its exact release status a mystery.
In the Clown version, eating the treat in the center of the screen will cause a bunch of Munchers to rush in from the top, freezing all enemies on-screen. In the Yukidaruma version, the Munchers never appear, and the enemies only freeze for a few seconds. The Yukidaruma version has no data for the Munchers in its coding; their graphics replaced the Yukidaruma's death animation and a few blank tiles."
  paleface 17:42:15 04/05/23

I'm still terrible at Mr. Do! but started to get a little farther at least. Gotta be ruthless! At level 4 the regular enemies seem to get turbo boosted. = o Man this game is crazy, it looks so cute and simple but there's actually so much to it it's mind-bamboozling! ^_ ^
I should really try to wait until the letter I want is highlighted before snagging the dessert~~but they look so tasty! Later on it seems pretty much suicidal to get the dessert--thereby summoning the boogie monsters from the letter monsters' face = ooo--if you aren't in a position where you'll be able to get a clear shot at the letter monster.
Diamonds sometimes fall out of apples! Whoa! They give an extra credit, which well doesn't really mean much in a console game. They're worth 8000 points!
The regular monsters can shove apples! = o
Getting EXTRA is freaky because your input freezes but the game keeps going for a bit, so you can apparently die--but then you find yourself in the congratulations scene, without actually having lost a life! = oo
  paleface 11:35:56 11/03/23
Monster movement appears to be at least semi-random. : )
  paleface 16:20:07 05/21/24
Ares I think just recently added a ton of shaders. Ones I like for Mr. Do! are misc--retro-palettes and vhs--VHSPro.
  paleface 12:45:19 07/07/24
In Ares, Mr. Do looks better with "Settings - Output - Aspect Correction" unchecked; with it checked, his power ball isn't round, etc.

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