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The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle
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There were two US cart releases of what appear to have been the same ROM: the initial US GB release (NES preceded it of course) by Kemco in 1990 (DMG-BB-USA), and the 1998 re-release by Nintendo (DMG-BB-USA-1) with the gold and white "PLAYERS CHOICE | MILLION SELLER" medal on the box cover and cart label:
1990 (DMG-BB-USA) label: ID upper left, red "KEMCO*SEIKA" in top right, "OFFICIAL GAME BOY GAME PAK" black/red Nintendo sticker below "Castle," "LICENSED" ("BY"?) above red Nintendo logo in lower left
1998 (DMG-BB-USA-1) label: ID upper left, MILLION SELLER medal below "Castle," "K-A" rating label above Nintendo seal in lower right, no "LICENSED" ("BY"?) above red Nintendo log in lower left
On Wikipedia, TBBCC appears on the Nintendo Selects list ( ) and the "best selling" Game Boy game list ( ) -- the first entry at the broad million level; curiously, that table gives the 1989 release date.
There's only one US/EU TBBCC entry in my Sanni cart reader's db, so that would suggest both carts hold an identical ROM.
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