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Neo Turf Masters
  opened by paleface at 17:56:54 02/25/24  
  last modified by paleface at 12:27:18 03/05/24  
  paleface [sys=NEO; cat=Sports; reg=NA]
Got ROM from Humble Bundle NEOGEO Collection yonks ago.
B/C buttons go up/down hook/slice options.
Super loungey music!
  paleface 18:13:48 02/25/24
For setting Unibios you hold ABC buttons when first launch ROM; for "soft dip" etc settings you hold BCD.
  paleface 20:18:52 02/25/24
Doesn't look like you can get it individually but the bundle is still
It's also in smaller pack 2 but you may also need the system ROM from Twinkle Star Sprites in pack 4 , not sure (I got both in the full collection).
--Which is to say, what I found from the full collection was that the BIOS that came with the included emulated Twinkle Star Sprites was the only one that could run all the games in MAME; the other games came with other neogeo.zips but those didn't seem to work in MAME.
--You can also use the Unibios 4.0 from , which has some handy features--you still need the regular BIOS too, though.
  paleface 20:25:48 02/28/24

First game by Nazca, a group of Irem employees. Their second game would be Metal Slug; after that, they were acquired by SNK.
Since I'm playing both on PC anyway, this does make the NGPC version of it obsolete; in particular after the voice clips and smooth music of this NEOGEO version, the NGPC version feels so silent.
But I also felt like, not SUPER into playing this game. It's mellow and all, but pretty unforgiving; you feel good when you make a good tough shot, but that's intermittent enjoyment.
· Neo Turf Masters (NGPC)

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