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Neo Turf Masters
  opened by paleface at 22:07:42 02/16/04  
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  paleface [sys=NGPC; cat=Sports; reg=NA]
Nice if rather bare-bones golf game. Very clean graphics make it easy to tell where you're going, and I like how, unlike almost every other fairly recent golf game, it doesn't give you a big bull's eye for where your projected shot is going to land--you have to eyeball it. Still with light winds, generous pars, moderate greens and straightforward holes it isn't a very tough game, and the big down side is that there are only three courses to play. Good but leaves you wanting more.
  paleface 23:04:36 02/25/24
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Neo Turf Masters
Saurus' (SNK 2nd party?) version of Nazca's Neo Geo golf game. Doesn't have RPG stuff like Mario Golf but I was getting into the actual golf part. Some wild course stuff like being atop a huge waterfall. Can't save mid-course in-game? Emulator solves that I suppose. Want to play this more. Waitasec, I have MVS/AES version from the Humble Bundle NEOGEO collection. Well now I gotta try that (I think I thought at some point MVS/AES ver had flashing FX? Not seeing them at the moment).
· Neo Turf Masters (NEO)

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