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1.420NGPCWrestlingJBig Bang Pro Wrestling
2.905NGPCHardwareUCCarrying Case
3.55NGPCShooter_HorizPALCotton: Fantastic Night Dreams
4.397NGPCStrategyJDokodemo Mahjong Color
5.393NGPCSportsJDynamite Slugger
7.401NGPCFightingUCGals Fighters
8.1778NGPCFightingPALGals Fighters
9.407NGPCAction_VarietyJGanbare Neo Poke Kun
10.422NGPCFightingJGarou Densetsu: First Contact
11.137NGPCRole_PlayingJKikou Seiki Unitron
12.144NGPCPartyJThe King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise
13.415NGPCFightingUCKing of Fighters R-2
14.423NGPCFightingPALThe Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny
15.409NGPCPlatformerUCMetal Slug: 1st Mission
16.410NGPCPlatformerJMetal Slug: 2nd Mission
17.404NGPCStrategyUCNeo 21
18.399NGPCSportsUCNeoGeo Cup '98 Plus Color
19.900NGPCHardwareUCNeoGeo Pocket Color
20.902NGPCHardwareJNeoGeo Pocket / Dreamcast Link Cable
21.391NGPCSportsUCNeo Turf Masters
22.901NGPCHardwareJNew NeoGeo Pocket Color
24.402NGPCSportsUCPocket Tennis Color
25.394NGPCPuzzleUCPuyo Pop
26.756NGPCPuzzleJPuzzle Bobble Mini
27.398NGPCPuzzleUCPuzzle Link 2
28.419NGPCFightingJRockman Battle & Fighters
29.418NGPCFightingUCSamurai Shodown! 2
30.396NGPCPuzzleUCShanghai Mini
31.425NGPCStrategyJSNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters 2 Expand Edition
32.424NGPCStrategyUCSNK vs Capcom: Card Fighter's Clash
33.421NGPCFightingJSNK vs Capcom: The Match of the Millennium
34.408NGPCPlatformerUCSonic the Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure
35.395NGPCStrategyJSuper Real Mahjong Premium Collection
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