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Neo 21
  opened by paleface at 04:48:52 02/17/04  
  last modified by paleface at 02:58:39 02/22/04  
  paleface [sys=NGPC; cat=Strategy; loc=NA]
The Pocket Casino series was certainly an odd one with which to launch a new portable console. How many parents really want to buy their children gambling games? Outside of Nevada, I mean?
But I like this one because it talks to me. When the woman with the vaguely Australian accent says "Win" I get all warm inside. And "Double Down"--ohh, baby.
Seriously though, the voice clips are impressive for the system, and the depth to which Blackjack is simulated here is nothing to sneer at--unless you want to sneer at Blackjack in general, in which case please go right ahead.
You can double down, buy insurance, bet varying amounts, split, and so forth. There's link-cable play, though I haven't tried this (and can't see why I would...). Extensive help sections show you the odds awarded for special hands and define those tricksy gambling terms. And then you go play more 21 and that's pretty much it.
Here's a tip: 16 or lower, take a Hit. Above that, Hold. Now you're all set to be a real high-roller, slick.
The save mechanism is remarkable. It autosaves when you power the system off, and always picks back up where you left off (with your bank account where it was before, I mean) when it comes back on--which can be annoying. It's even a little confusing how to *stop* gambling and get back to the main menu. Not that there's much doing at the main menu. Just keep gambling.

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